Safe Dates is a prevention program for middle and high school students designed to stop or prevent the initiation of dating violence victimization and perpetration, including the psychological, physical, and sexual abuse that may occur between youths involved in a dating relationship. The program goals are to change adolescent norms on dating violence and gender-roles, improve conflict resolution skills for dating relationships, promote victims’ and perpetrators’ beliefs in the need for help and awareness of community resources for dating violence, encourage help-seeking by victims and perpetrators, and develop peer help-giving skills.
Module 1 Defining Caring Relationships and Dating Abuse
Unit 1 Introduction to the Safe Dates Program  
Unit 2 Introduction to the Module  
Unit 3 What is Dating?  
Unit 4 Caring People and Caring Relationships  
Unit 5 How I Want to be Treated by a Dating Partner  
Unit 6 What is Dating Abuse?  
Unit 7 Defining Abusive Dating Relationships  
Unit 8 Recap & Conclusion  
Module 2 Why Do People Abuse?
Unit 1 Introduction to Module 2  
Unit 2 People Abuse to Control and Manipulate Someone  
Unit 3 Other Reasons for Abuse  
Unit 4 Warning Signs of Abuse  
Unit 5 Recap & Conclusion  
Module 3 How to Help Friends
Unit 1 Introduction to Module 3  
Unit 2 Why Don’t People Just Leave?  
Unit 3 Why is it Hard to Get Help?  
Unit 4 How to Help a Friend  
Unit 5 Community Resources  
Unit 6 Recap & Conclusion  
Module 4 Gender Stereotypes and Equal Power through Communication
Unit 1 Unit 1: Introduction the Module  
Unit 2 Unit 2: Unfair Expectations  
Unit 3 Unit 3: Gender Stereotypes  
Unit 4 Unit 4: Stereotyping Leads to Abuse  
Unit 5 Unit 5: The 8 Skills of Effective Communication  
Unit 6 Unit 6: Recap and Conclusion  
Module 5 How We Feel, How We Deal
Unit 1 Unit 1: Introduction the Module  
Unit 2 Unit 2: Extending Your Feeling Vocabulary  
Unit 3 Unit 3: Hot Buttons  
Unit 4 Unit 4: Knowing When You’re Angry  
Unit 5 Unit 5: Defusing Anger  
Unit 6 Unit 6: Recap and Conclusion  
Module 6 Preventing Sexual Assault
Unit 1 Unit 1: Introduction the Module  
Unit 2 Unit 2: Understanding Sexual Assault  
Unit 3 Unit 3: Precautions  
Module 7 Module 7: Closing
Unit 1 Safe Dates Certificate