Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response® (STAR®) is a nonprofit organization committed to serving youth and adult survivors of sexual trauma and building institutional capacity to prevent and respond responsibly to sexual violence in the community.


Survivor Services
STAR® provides supportive services to survivors to reduce their experience of trauma. Our advocacy, counseling and legal services are available to youth and adult survivors of sexual violence at no cost and are intended to assist survivors at any stage of their healing.

Our services to survivors are broken into three distinct programs: advocacy, counseling and legal. Services include: 24/7 hotline support (1-855-435-STAR), hospital advocacy, legal and criminal justice advocacy, representation in legal matters, case management, application assistance for address confidentiality and crime victim reparations, safety planning, individual counseling, and support groups.

We also work to improve systems response by participating in community coalitions, task forces, multidisciplinary teams (MDTs), and sexual assault response teams (SARTs).

Outreach, Training & Youth Education Services

STAR® offers a variety of community engagement programs to carry out our vision of building a healthy community free from oppression and sexual trauma. Education offerings are available for adults and youth in the communities we serve. Below are the types of services we provide to communities.

Community Outreach
Individuals are invited to connect with us to participate in events or to request training for their organization, group, or school. We also provide STAR® 101 in-services to inform individuals and organizations about the work that we do.

STAR® offers training to businesses, organizations, groups, and schools to carry-out our vision of a community free from oppression and sexual violence. Our community education programming is designed to make a positive impact by incorporating theory on best practices and evidence from program evaluation. We view learning as a participatory process, therefore all of our workshops are highly interactive and experiential. Click here to view our complete list of trainings.

Youth Education
We provide single and multi-session workshops targeted at building students’ knowledge and understanding of consent, dating, healthy relationships, human trafficking and sexual harassment. Click here view a list of our youth education programs.

Consulting Services

The changing cultural landscape around sexual harassment and assault is raising many questions for today’s leaders when it comes to ensuring a safe, supportive workplace.

What we are learning from recent events is that the old approach to protecting your organization is not sufficient.

  • Check-the-box policies simply don’t work because they fail to protect both employers and employees.
  • Online training–while easily accessible–is not effective in preventing sexual harassment and preparing your teams to respond appropriately to disclosures of sexual violence.

We offer technical assistance, policy development, and training to guide businesses and organizations through creating a more proactive workplace culture. Our consulting services include:

Workplace Culture Assessments

We conduct workplace assessments to identify where your company is excelling and opportunities for change. This can include:

  • Company climate survey
  • Interviews and focus groups with employees and managers
  • Round table discussions with company leaders
  • Internal policy and procedure review
  • Assessment report

Culture Change Support

We provide initial and ongoing support for implementing recommendations and navigating the challenges of leading change. This can include:

  • Assisting with development of implementation plans
  • Training for employees and managers
  • Check-ins to discuss and troubleshoot implementation

Training Programs

We provide training to company employees and leaders on various topics, including:

  • Building a positive work culture
  • Building a positive conflict culture
  • Preventing and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Responding to disclosures of sexual violence
  • The continuum and dynamics of sexual violence
  • The neurobiology of trauma

The funding STAR® receives from our consulting services goes directly to supporting our mission and ensuring that our services to survivors in our community are provided at no-cost.

Click here to view more information on our consulting services.